Helping Kids
Find The Way Home
PO Box 44, Roggen, Colorado  80652
Robert Korthuis - Director

     Preston Ranch was born from an idea, then much prayer, and finally God's explicit direction that this was His idea in the first place. The purpose of this ministry it to provide secure, loving homes for abused, abandoned and neglected children. The first plan was to give a home to foster children, but after consideration it seemed a better plan to adopt.  When children come to Preston Ranch they know this is their permanent home, so they will never have to adjust to a new family and surroundings.
     Preston Ranch is located 45 miles NE of Denver on Interstate 76 in Roggen, CO.  The picture above is the first 9,000 square foot house built on the 120 acres donated by Christ Community Church of Roggen, Colorado. Yes, it is a large facility, but there are as many as 20 children in one home.

     These homes have been built with much volunteer labor, donated materials or financial gifts. When the idea was still in the forming stage an architect offered and drew all the house plans and site plan. A local business gave all the electrical and a Denver contractor gave all the plywood needed for the first home. Hard Hats For Christ, a volunteer organization of retired builders, electricians and plumbers, gave many hours of excellent labor in the structure of these homes. God raised up an army of willing hearts and hands to provide homes for kids who are often in desperate need. 




New house is well on its way! 


     House number four is being built and construction is moving along quite well at Preston Ranch!  

     The foundation has been constructed and the manufactured home that will serve as the top floor of the house has been moved in. All available families were present to watch them crane lift the house into place. 

     What an awesome time here on the ranch! We are so excited to invite the new family in!

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