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Update: Home #5 is Currently Available

Welcome to Preston Ranch Ministries

A place for kids,

a place for families.


Preston Ranch exists to provide a loving, permanent, Christ-centered home and family for children who have been abused, abandoned, or orphaned.


It is the mission of Preston Ranch to provide Christ-centered support to Christian parents committed to adoption; to provide homes and community to help them meet their goals as adoptive parents raising children and aiding in the healing, restoration, and security which is rightfully theirs.




Our Story

     Preston Ranch was born from an idea, then much prayer, and finally God’s explicit direction that this was His idea in the first place. The purpose of this ministry it to provide secure, loving homes for abused, abandoned and neglected children. The first plan was to give a home to foster children, but after consideration it seemed a better plan to adopt.  When children come to Preston Ranch they know this is their permanent home, so they will never have to adjust to a new family and surroundings.

     These homes have been built with much volunteer labor, donated materials or financial gifts. When the idea was still in the forming stage an architect offered and drew all the house plans and site plan. A local business gave all the electrical and a Denver contractor gave all the plywood needed for the first home. Hard Hats For Christ, a volunteer organization of retired builders, electricians and plumbers, gave many hours of excellent labor in the structure of these homes. God raised up an army of willing hearts and hands to provide homes for kids who are often in desperate need. Preston Ranch is located 45 miles NE of Denver on Interstate 76 in Roggen, CO.

Each Home has a story

Each home at Preston Ranch has it’s own story of how God provided for the building, or buying or moving of that house to provide a home for children!  To God be the Glory!

Home #1


Christ Community Church in Roggen gave a substantial gift to Preston Ranch for building this first home. The Lord provided so much volunteer labor and building materials that when the house was completed there was money left over. Volunteers included a contractor from Colorado Springs who came to be the job foreman, an architect from Boulder drew all the plans and plats, groups of men and women worked on various parts of the building, a contractor gave 354 sheets of plywood, a hardware store gave all the electrical needs and the list goes on. This is a 9400 square foot home full of children!
Home #2


With money in the bank the board voted to build another home. This home is about 2000 square feet smaller than the first home but built with some improvements over the plan of the first one. This time the construction used every penny that was in the bank, but it was enough!
Home #3


Some friends of Preston Ranch had a family home that sat empty. They offered the building to Preston Ranch and they would cover the cost of moving and set up! A full basement was dug and the house set on that. An addition was added and now serves a family who takes physically handicapped children.
Home #4


The same family who gave the home also offered this house to Preston Ranch at a very attractive price and since there were the funds to make the deal this became the fourth home. Again a basement was dug and a small addition put on.
Home #5


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A destructive hail storm went through the area around Preston Ranch and left a great deal of damage. Roofs were damaged, siding had holes in it and multiple windows were knocked out along with other damage. During the months of waiting for the insurance claim to be paid the repairs were being made as the Lord provided funds. During this time a seven bedroom, brick home went on the market at a very reasonable price just one mile from the main ranch. In Gods timing, when the repairs were completed at Preston Ranch, without the insurance claim money,this house became available. By adding some to that amount Preston Ranch was able to buy the 5th home
“Preston Ranch has been and continues to be one of the biggest blessings of our family’s life.  Providing shelter and space for our kids to be loud and run, allowing them to play, to heal from past wounds while enabling them to thrive is an answer to prayer, bigger than we ever could have dreamed. God is always faithful to supply our needs, and He has used Preston Ranch to do so much for us. We are so thankful to be a part of this life changing ministry.”

Gardner family

“Preston Ranch has been such a blessing to our family. We felt God wanted us to take all the children we could in need of forever homes but had gotten all we could afford and have room for in the house we were in.  Preston Ranch by letting us be part of this ministry has allowed us to take four more children since moving here.  They have a big heart for helping children. They have been so helpful in helping us show love to each child and meet their needs by having room to grow in a safe environment. Our family has grown both physically and spiritually due to this wonderful ministry.”

Schale family

“Our family is so thankful for Preston Ranch Ministries and the home that they have provided to us. We are blessed and grateful to live where our family can flourish and grow in the Lord. Preston ranch ministries has blessed our family tremendously!.”

Martin family

News and Updates


We are always on the lookout for helping hands at Preston Ranch. If you or someone you know has a heart for helping parents to many children and would like more information please contact us or fill out the form.




Preston Ranch Ministries
P.O. Box 44,  Roggen,Colorado 80652

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